two shiba inu dogs, Kona and Casper as a puppy, standing in the mountain snow while it snows, with trees in the background


Life in the Pacific Northwest is lived in the shadows of the majestic Cascade mountains. And it’s here that we fell in love with the natural beauty – and aesthetic – of the region’s cabin-inspired lifestyle. Where we built our family’s mountain home and came to appreciate the unique mix of vintage pieces pulled together with modern flair. 

That’s why we created Foxy Den. To share this love of warm, cozy interiors informed by the look and feel of life above the snowline. Whether it’s vintage or new, every curated piece has a story and can bring a little bit of that cabin vibe into any home.  
Foxy Den owners Stephanie and Katie are Portland, OR natives who were brought together not only by their passion for cabin-inspired design, but their mutual obsession with Stephanie’s two family dogs, Kona and Casper. Not coincidentally, “the boys” also love the snow and when out on the trail are often mistaken - you guessed it - for wild foxes.